TBOWT 029 – News and Muse

by Peggy on January 2, 2013


TBOWT Episode 29 – News and Muse

Today’s Topic

Peggy and Larry discuss topics of interest to authors. Today Peggy and Larry talk about four articles that have been in the blogosphere lately. The first topic is about debunking the myth that self-publishing a book kills your chances of traditional publishing.

Next, Larry and Peggy talk about Barnes & Noble and their recent decision to refuse to carry any books published by an Amazon imprint. Next they discuss the Big Six publishers, (now the Big Five), and how they have been using, but not leveraging,  print-on-demand.

Amanda Hocking

John Locke

Writer beware

  • Barnes & Noble refuses to sell Amazon-published books
  • An author who is marketing like crazy, selling lots of books, but making no money.
  • The Big Five continue to buy print-on-demand companies

Links to some great articles


Listener Mail – Peggy and Larry answer questions from listeners.

Comment from Carol

Question from Doug

Larry reviews our podcast statistics.

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