TBOWT 014 – Catch some Smokin’ Blurbs

by Peggy on March 30, 2012


Welcome to episode 014:  Catch some Smokin’ Blurbs

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What is a blurb? In a print book it’s the testimonials in the front of the book under the heading “Advanced Praise.” Blurbs are a great way to give your readers word-of-mouth testimony BEFORE they read your book. Because the blurbs are in the first pages of the book, they often enter into the buying decision. Whether your book is published digitally on Kindle, or as a print book in bookstores, book fairs, or at writing or fan conferences—blurbs can make all the difference. People look for testimonials, they want to know that others enjoyed or found your book valuable
Today we talk about how to get those smokin’ blurbs! Can you get a blurb from a celebrity?

Learn how, right here, right now!
Finding celebrity contact information: http://www.amazon.com/Ten-Troncks-Celebrity-Directory/dp/0943213789 available for sale from Amazon via this link.
Where do I find experts?

You can also find experts locally. Another great source of experts is https://profnet.prnewswire.com/

Peggy and Larry talk about the Business of Writing International Summit 2012.

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Connie Williams May 19, 2012 at 1:28 pm

Thanks for sharing my story about getting a blurb from Seth Godin. Like Peggy said, you never know what they’ll say if you don’t ask. I asked, and Seth Godin said, yes.
Thanks for a great podcast!


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