TBOWT 033 – An Interview with Ellen Birkett Morris

by Peggy on January 8, 2014


TBOWT 033 –  An Interview with Ellen Birkett Morris

January 4, 2014

Today we welcome Ellen Birkett Morris for an interview. I am excited to have Ellen on our show today. She is the winner of the Al Smith Fellowship Award from the Kentucky Arts Council. She has written a book of poetry called Surrender published by Finishing Line Press. She is a past columnist for Business First, an excellent weekly publication for business. She currently writes and interviews authors for Authorlink.com.

Today’s discussion is about building a solid platform as a freelancer through building relationships with editors. We will also talk about contests, about marketing yourself to editors. Ellen has years of experience as a reporter, a columnist and an author. She is an expert on “grassroots” platform building.

Ellen is a proponent, and I agree with her, of the “grow where you are planted” school of platform building. Start locally and build from there. Please join me and this knowledgeable and gifted writer and author.

We always talk briefly about the 2014 Business of Writing International Summit. Our annual writer’s conference focusing on teaching authors how to build a platform so that they can achieve their dream of becoming a fulltime author/writer. We invite all of you listening to join Larry and I at our annual conference in Louisville KY.

Quote of the week: “Done is better than perfect.” Suzanne Evans, Life Coach

Tip of the Week: 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing

The 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing is a great guide for anyone considering self-publishing. The book includes hundreds of writing opportunities for authors considering self-publishing. There are pages of listings for service providers to help indie authors produce quality books. You can find editors, graphic designers, small publishers, and more. In the front of the guide are several articles written by self-publishing experts. I am honored to be one of the contributing authors in this year’s guide. This is an indispensable book for indie authors or would-be indie authors.

We would love to have you join us at the 2014 Summit on August 1-2 and for the Self-Publishing workshop held July 31, 2014. Here is the link:



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