TBOWT 031 – An Interview with Blackwyrm Publishing

by Peggy on June 4, 2013


TBOWT 031 –  An Interview with Blackwyrm Publishing

 June 03, 2013

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Today’s Topic

An Interview with Dave Mattingly, President of Blackwyrm Publishing

Today Peggy interviews Dave Mattingly, President of Blackwyrm Publishing (http://blackwyrm.com)

Peggy and Dave talk about the advantages of a micro press for authors who want help with marketing and promotion and are willing to give some of their profits and control in exchange for having a publisher acting as their business partner.

I asked Dave how publishing with Blackwyrm Publishing  can help the science fiction, horror, speculative fiction or experimental fiction writer.

The Blackwyrm website says they specialize in “experimental fiction.” I ask Dave what that means. He says Blackwyrm specializes in writers who may not have published before, and may have a new idea for fiction.

Dave also announced two new imprints; Blessed Words – a Christian line of books and BuzzWorthy – a new business line.

Dave calls his publishing company a “cooperative” press. He means that Blackwyrm splits the profits from sales (after the initial cost of production and marketing are paid out), with the author. This makes the author and the publisher equal partners in the process of promoting and selling the author’s book.

Here is how it works:

  • Author submits his manuscript via the website at http://blackwyrm.com
  • Blackwyrm editors vet the manuscript and contact the author if they are interested.
  • Author signs a contract with Blackwyrm.
  • Blackwrym keeps all royalties until the author pays out the costs of producing the print book and/or e-book.
  • After the costs of production have been paid out, royalties are split 50/50 with the author.
  • Blackwyrm becomes an active participant in helping the author market his/her book.

Peggy and Dave talk about book marketing and discuss blog tours. Dave uses a professional blog tour company to arrange blog tours for his authors. Peggy recommends http://technorati.com for authors who want to do a blog tour. Technorati rates blogs by popularity.

Dave gives us his event calendar for the months of June through August.

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