TBOWT 028 – Print Book or E-book? Why You Need Both

by Peggy on December 27, 2012


TBOWT Episode 28– Print Book or E-book? Why You Need Both.

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Peggy gives the tip of the week

Tip of the Week is a Web site http://studios.amazon.com

A great site if you are a screen writer, film maker, or do documentaries. We will do a podcast on this site after the first of the year.

 Today’s Topic

Today Peggy and Larry talk whether or not you need a print book, or will an e-book be enough. Peggy lists seventeen reasons why  you need a print book and an e-book to maximize your effectiveness as an author.

 Top Seventeen Reasons You Should Publish BOTH  An E-book and a Print Book

  1. You can’t sell an e-book BOR (in the Back Of the Room)
  2. Experts have print books.
  3. Book fairs want print books.
  4. Seventy percent of the marketplace is STILL in print books.
  5. Your local and regional bookstores, where your reputation is built first, need a print book.
  6. It’s tough to autograph or personalize an e-book.
  7. Your friends and family want something to hold in their hand
  8. Your Mom can get double bragging rights if you publish both an e-book and a print book.
  9. Print book readers may never see your e-book.
  10. Crossover sales
  11. Specialty stores need print books.
  12. Marketing to associations
  13. They make great gifts at Christmas.
  14. Print books make you feel like a real writer.
  15. Print books have greater profit margins when self-published.
  16. Non-fiction writers and how-to writers need print because it makes life easier when using the book as a resource.
  17. People, who build multiple streams of income with their writing, always have print books.

Listener Mail – Peggy and Larry answer questions from listeners.

Comment on the Summit from Sherry

Question from Richard about PDF software

Question about profit-sharing for editors from David

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