TBOWT 027 – Seven Mistakes to Avoid When you Publish your Book

by Peggy on November 29, 2012


TBOWT 027– Seven Mistakes to Avoid When you Publish Your Book or E-book

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Peggy gives the tip of the week

Tip of the Week is a Web site http://www.pw.org/toolsforwriters

This is a great website and resource for writers. Here you can find publishers, agents, contests for writers and Web sites for grants. Check it out.

 Today’s Topic

 Today Peggy and Larry talk about mistakes – yikes! You know-those annoying little missteps that can derail your best efforts to market and promote your book and e-book.

 Mistake Number 1: Being Unaware of Amazon Delivery Fees

Peggy talks about download charges from Amazon. Many authors do not know about or care about download fees from Amazon on e-books because their books are text without graphics (except for the cover), and they may be relatively small. However, children’s authors, graphic artists, coffee table book authors need to beware of the “download” fees from Amazon.

 Mistake Number 2: Using “Hot” Words in the Title of Non-sexy Books

Sexy words used in non-sexy book titles – Amazon’s mysterious and elusive book sorting algorithm can put you where you do not want to go. How do I know? It happened to me- first hand. Learn more about how Amazon categorizes or does not miss categorizes your title.

 Mistake Number 3: Not Using Keywords in Your Title

 Not using keywords in your title is a common mistake to avoid. This applies especially to non-fiction writers who, with careful research, can match the title to the exact phrase that people use to do a Google search for the information they are writing about. By making your titles keyword rich, you can leverage the search synergies between Goggle and Amazon, two giants of the Internet! Peggy talks about the advantages and the Google-Amazon symbiotic relationship.

 Mistake Number 4: Covers that are Hard to Read

Covers that are not up to par. Peggy hits the high points on the one most important aspect of a great cover.

Mistake Number 5: Lack of Proper Editing

 Lack of editing- Peggy talks about how a well-edited book can sell more books for you. She gives some examples of how a poorly edited book can hurt.

 Mistake Number 6: The “Empty Sample” Syndrome

 Too much, front matter – beware of the notorious “empty sample.”

 Mistake Number 7: Not Letting Your Reader Know What They are Getting

 Not giving adequate warning to the reader that your book is not a book, but an article, short story, or essay. Peggy talks about the frustration some readers may feel after downloading what they think is a 100-page book to find out that it is a 30-page article.

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