TBOWT 022 – FandomFest 2012 – All about FandomFest 2012 and fan conferences with literary tracks in general

by Peggy on May 25, 2012


TBOWT 022 – Fandom Fest 2012 – All about FandomFest 2012 and fan conferences with literary tracks in general

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“I don’t mind dying, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

 Woody Allen

 Great writer movies: Wonder Boys, and Midnight in Paris

 Peggy and Larry talk about the 2012 fan con Fandom Fest


What is it?

A conference attended by and designed for sci-fi fans

 How does it differ from a traditional writer’s conference?

  • Attended by fans instead of writers (for the most part)
  • Low entry fee under $50 dollars to attend
  • Has film stars available for autographs
  • People dressed in costumes mimicking their favorite fantasy character
  • Workshop and presentations designed for the avid reader of sci fi and not just about the craft of writing or book promotion
  • Includes a literary track but the LT is not the main focus of the event
  • Dozens of vendors selling everything from t-shirts to rubber eyeballs, to steam punk clothes to books

Here are some of the presenting authors that we met and networked with at Fandom Fest. Many of these writers have written multiple books in the sci fi, vampire, zombie, fantasy, steam punk, and epic fantasy genres.

Jackie Gamber


 Michael Williams will be at the summit


Stephen Zimmer


Blackwyrm Publishing


David Blalock, Author

Stephen Saus


Alan Lewis


 We attended several presentations and panels in the literary track, which this year, was outstanding. The literary track was developed by Stephen Zimmer, epic fantasy author.

 Here is a short list of some of the classes/panels available. For those of you who have never attended a fan con, a panel is a group of three to seven people made up of authors, bloggers, peer readers, critiques, publishers and/or agents that come together to share their experiences and expertise on a specific topic.

Some of the many Classes and Panels:

How to be a Panelist

Make the Most out of a Convention or Book Fair

Common Elements of a Publishing Contract

The World of Audio Books

Zombie Apocalypse


101 Ideas in an Hour

Elements of a Compelling YA

Exploring Genres: Epic Fantasy

I Love the Craft of Lovecraft

Building Your Author Platform

To get the most form a fan con, be prepared to give a presentation, or be a panelist if you are published. Networking is also a crucial part of attending any writing event. Be sure to meet as many people as you can, and attend as many presentations as possible. Bring lots of business cards and book marks or other advertising material. If you are interested in being a vendor or selling your books, contact the organizers early. You will have to purchase a vendor table. The cost is usually around $75 so be sure you can sell a few books to make sure you can break even or make money at the event. If you become a presenter or decide to be a vendor, be sure to take a signup sheet to your table or event to capture the names and email addresses of the attendees.

One of the presenters, Steven Saus talked about scams for authors. He referenced two websites which work on uncovering author scams:



The vendor room or rooms is filled with vendors selling everything from rubber eyeballs, to steam punk clothing, to books and t-shirts.

What the best way to leverage a fan con?

  • Be friendly, attend various panels, and offer to be a speaker on a panel, moderate a panel or do a presentation at the event.
  • If you have a published book, purchase a vendor table and sell books
  • Pass out business cards or brochures to people you meet

 Overall Peggy and Larry give Fandom Fest 2012 a thumb’s up. See you next year at Fandom Fest 2013?

Peggy and Larry talk about the The Business of Writing Today Summit 2012.

Tons of great classes. This is a writer’s conference like no other. Here we focus on helping you make the most of your book, how to market yourself, and ingenious ways to build your platform, grow your readership, and promote your book. No matter where you are in the process of writing, promoting and selling your book there are great classes here for you. Talk with writers who have done it!

Seating is limited ….reserve your seat now!

August 11-12, 2012


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