TBOWT 021 – Clarksville Tennessee Writer’s Conference – Traditional writer’s conferences vs. fan conferences

by Peggy on May 18, 2012


TBOWT 021 – Clarksville Tennessee Writer’s Conference – Traditional writer’s conferences vs. fan conferences

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Peggy and Larry talk about the Clarksville Tennessee Writer’s Conference held on the campus of Austin Peay University.

They discuss how a writer’s conference differs from a fan con.

Peggy discusses how to become a speaker at a writer’s conference. She also talks about the different types of presenting styles. Some do ‘speeches’ while others do ‘presentations’ – what’s the difference?

A great article about Clarksville Writer’s Conference was written by Turner McCullough, Jr. of  http://businessclarksville.com is available online. The article is called:
Literary stars share sparkle at Clarksville Writer’s Conference.

How is a writer’s conference different than a fan con?
•    Writer’s attend instead of fans
•    Less competition in selling books as a speaker
•    Tends to focus on the craft of writing and marketing
•    Showcases famous authors, and authors of ‘stature’
•    Presenters are paid to participate
•    Attended by agents, editors and authors
Sharing the stage as a self-published author – what is it like?
You must be confident in your message and in your ability to deliver your message in a cohesive, entertaining, and interesting way. Whether you use a power point slide show or the traditional speech, to be successful you must deliver content.

What kinds of speeches or presentations are acceptable?
Subjects like the craft of writing are always popular, but so too are topics like building an author platform, book marketing, social media, and how to come up with a great book idea.

What classes were offered and who attended?
Chuck Sambichino
Alex s. Jones – Pulitzer Prize Winning Author

Who attends?
Authors, agents, professors, Editors
Strategies for getting booked?

What is the most important thing to have to be ‘booked’?
To be booked, and paid as a presenter at a traditional writer’s conference you need to have a great subject, and deliver great content in an entertaining and cohesive way. Being a great speaker doesn’t hurt either. Handouts are preferred but not required. A pleasant speaking style is key, and the ability to interact with the attendees is most important.

Make lots of appearances
Talk to people
Ask for money
Ask to be a presenter
Sell them on your platform
Don’t wait to be invited, sell yourself!

What to know ahead of time:
You need to know that most presenters at traditional writer’s conferences are paid to present. Most of presenters also have a significant platform which helps draw attendees to the conference. Different authors are compensated differently.
Compensation can depend on the amount of outside funding the conference was able to obtain.
Concerning compensation here is what you can ask for:
•    Speaking fee (ranges from $250 up to $3,000 or more in some cases)
•    Lodging
•    Meals
•    Mileage

Peggy and Larry talk about the The Business of Writing Today Summit 2012.
Tons of great classes. This is a writer’s conference like no other. Here we focus on helping you make the most of your book, how to market yourself, and ingenious ways to build your platform, grow your readership, and promote your book. No matter where you are in the process of writing, promoting and selling your book there are great classes here for you. Talk with writers who have done it!
Seating is limited ….reserve your seat now!
August 11-12, 2012

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