TBOWT 019 – Podcamps for Writers and all about Podcamp Cincinnati

by Peggy on May 4, 2012


TBOWT 019 – Podcamps for Writers and all about Podcamp Cincinnati


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Larry has the quote of the week and Peggy has the tip of the week.

PODCAMP CINCINNATI—Peggy and Larry give podcamp Cincinnati two thumbs up! Here’s why:

Cost = $20 (included lunch)

Event Organizer – Daniel Lewis of


To view other podcasts by Daniel Lewis go to


Duration = all day event

Location = Northern Kentucky University in in their new state-of-the-art facility on campus

Information was excellent

Presenters were stellar

On a scale of one to ten we give Podcamp Cincinnati a 10

Larry talks about some of the presenters at podcamp like Dave Jackson who is a podcaster and does the http://schoolofpodcasting.com and http://morepodcastmoney.com

How can podcasting benefit a writer?

Peggy talks about how podcasting, like e-books is a truly global media. If you want to get your word out to a whole new market, especially if you write non-fiction, podcasting is an excellent means to an end…growing your author platform.

Peggy talks about the advantages of podcasting:

Easy entry

Low start-up costs

Not too steep a learning curve

Global reach

Market share is growing

Reach a new audience in a new and innovative way

Peggy and Larry encourage you to attend the 2012 Podcamp Cincinnati, in October, exact date and location to-be-announced

here’s the link:


Peggy and Larry talk about the The Business of Writing International Summit 2012.

Tons of great classes. This is a writer’s conference like no other. Here we focus on helping you make the most of your book, how to market yourself, and ingenious ways to build your platform, grow your readership, and promote your book. No matter where you are in the process of writing, promoting and selling your book there are great classes here for you. Talk with writers who have done it!

Seating is limited ….reserve your seat now!

August 11-12, 2012


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