TBOWT 018 – Goal Setting for Writers—How to Get and Stay Motivated

by Peggy on April 27, 2012


TBOWT 018 – Goal SettingHow to Get and Stay Motivated


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Peggy has the quote of the week and the tip of the week.

GOAL SETTING—This is something people talk about all the time, but sometimes they don’t take it to the next level. Today we examine the role of goal setting as it related to authors. Do they work? What kind of goals work? How do I meet my goals? How do I stay motivated?

Peggy lists the eight primary objectives of setting effective goals:

1. Positive Goals Perform – Negative Goals Negate

2. Be Clear and Be Definite

3. Prioritize

4. Non-written Goals

5. Keep Goals Measurable & Achievable

6. A Goal without a Date is a Dream

7. Challenge Yourself

8. Review and Envision


Peggy shares a goal statement or what she calls her “Unique Singular Purpose Statement” and how five years later, most of that statement has come to pass.

Peggy talks about her goals and how WRITTEN GOALS make a huge difference. She also talks about building a dream wall or a dream book. It sounds silly, but it works and DeKay can prove it.

Peggy and Larry discuss the secret to meeting your goals.

Peggy and Larry talk about the The Business of Writing International Summit 2012.

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