TBOWT 010 – Preparing Your Manuscript for an Editor

by Peggy on March 2, 2012


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Today we are talking about how to prepare your manuscript for an editor. We cover the 5 c’s of editing and what an editor does for a book.


Peggy talks about the loss of objectivity and how an editor can bring objectivity back to your project.

Most writers submit their manuscript to an editor prematurely. You should make you manuscript as good as you possibly can before giving it to an editor.

Learn more about preparing your manuscript by reading her blog post called

Seven Secrets to Preparing your Manuscript for an Editor

Gettng ready for an editor

Quote of the week is “Winning the lottery is great outcome, but it’s a lousy strategy.” Seth Godin

Tip of the Week


This is a great little tool to evaluate your website and compare it to another website in your genre. This link will examine your site and compare it to a second site you enter. (Choose a site that you think is great, one that you want to emulate)

Be sure to tune in for episode 011 where we will talk about writer’s groups and how to get the most out of a writer’s group—large or small.

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