TBOWT 007 – E-Book Basics: The Mechanics of E-books

by Peggy on February 17, 2012


Welcome to episode 007 of The Business of Writing Today podcast

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E-Book Basics Part 2

The Mechanics of E-books

Today’s we discuss the mechanics of creating and publishing e-books.

Where to go to  publish your e-book:





Peggy discusses file formats and why you need to load your e-book to multiple sites. She also talks about the advantages of using Word as your upload document and what not to include when using Word as your source document.

Peggy and Larry discuss KDP Select—a good thing or a bad thing and the December 2011 results.

Program basics:


December 2011 KDP Select Results


Top 3 Earners in December 2011 according to an Amazon Press Release from Reuters:

Carolyn McCray – paranormal writer earned $8,250

Rachel Yu- children’s book author earned $6,200

The Grabarchuk family – puzzle books earned $6,300

To learn more read Peggy’s blog posts:

E-book Basics

KDP Select – Now What?






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