TBOWT 004 – Basics of Self Publishing Part 2 Myths of Self Publishing 5-11

by Peggy on January 27, 2012


We continue last week’s discussion of self publishing myths beginning with number 5. To hear myths 1-4 debunked, please listen to last week’s episode.

5.    No one will buy a self published book — Amanda Hocking, Tom Clancy, Jack Canfield, and John Locke
6.    I need an agent to sell a book?
You can sell you own book —social networking the playing field has been leveled, many of the techniques that the big publishing house use to market your book are available to you as a self published author
7.    It’s too expensive.
Can be accomplished for as little 50-100 dollars
8.    I can’t get on the New York Times best seller list as a self published author
Victorine Leiske and John Locke and Amanda Hocking
9.    Big publisher won’t sign me if I am self published
10.    Bookstores won’t stock my POD book
11.    Traditionally published author make more money

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